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Clips forced to rebuild at sea
Clips forced to rebuild at sea
Clips forced to rebuild at sea
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Clips forced to rebuild at sea
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NBA Essentials: ‘And Now, Eddy Curry of the United States on the Pommel Horse’

by 30/11/1999 @ 12:00 am

Aug 22nd 2008 8:30AM by Tom Ziller (author feed)
Filed under: Clippers, Knicks, USA Basketball

Eddy Curry grew up with dreams of being a gymnast. Let your imagination run wild. (Bela Karolyi got nothing on Coach Starbury.)
You can take the players [Team USA, in this case] out of the NBA, but you can’t take the NBA out of the players. Nor should you want to.
One nation, under LeBron. [Three notes: 1) Yes, I’ve already used that line once this week. I’m a bum. 2) Obama should name LeBron as his running mate — no, LeBron should name himself as Obama’s running mate. 3) The photo used on the website has been at least 1,200 places this week. You done good, photographer Dusan Vranic.]
Shaun Livingston remains mysterious.

John Amaechi clears up the Kobe thing. Conversations through bus windows can get awkward, I admit.

This isn’t really basketball, but it’s too beautiful to pass up: Second-graders who love John Coltrane’s raise money to turn Trane’s dilapidated Dix Hills house into a learning center/museum. There light left in this world.


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