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Golden State Warriors continue as team turmoil

Golden State Warriors continue as team turmoil NEW YORK From Monta Ellis to Stephen Jackson to Anthony Randolph, the Warriors are a team with as much turmoil as talent.

That was on display again Thursday in New York, no less when Ellis and coach Don Nelson engaged in a verbal exchange in full view of the media.

After practice at the Reebok Sports Club in Manhattan, Ellis, Jackson and Acie Law were sitting on a bench preparing to leave when Nelson walked by. Ellis asked Nelson a question.

"Coach," Ellis said, "why do I get blamed for everything?"

Nelson replied, "What have I ever blamed you for?"

"For everything," Ellis replied calmly. "For everything. For people not knowing the plays. I didn't do this. I didn't that."

Nelson waved both hands at Ellis, as if to brush him off, and walked off shaking his head.

"See," Ellis said. "That's why I won't do it. I just won't do it."

It is unclear what Ellis was saying he won't do, or what blame he was referring to as Ellis declined to comment afterward.

Coincidentally, Jackson lodged a public complaint after practice as well and it was remarkably similar to Ellis'.

Jackson told the Associated Press that people have been portraying him as "the bad guy" since he requested to be traded in August. He added that "people want me to be somebody to point the finger at and say, 'He ain't doing this, or he's not humble, or he's not doing this.'"?"

Jackson wasn't happy about playing just 18 minutes during Wednesday's loss to Indiana, including sitting out the fourth quarter. Nelson said Jackson had "a sore back or something," that limited his ability to play.

Jackson disagreed, saying his back was fine, and he didn't understand why Nelson chose not to play him much.

Amid all the tumult, the Warriors had a team-bonding moment Thursday when the players serenaded Corey Maggette on his 30th birthday. Maggette was at the center of more good vibes Wednesday night when, in the absence of a pregame meal, he provided the team a takeout feast from P.F. Chang's.

But these are proving to be moments and not the normal pattern. During their playoff run of 2007, the Warriors were known for their chemistry and togetherness. That seems like a long time ago, now.

Nelson admitted Wednesday that the problems with Jackson are irreconcilable and that a trade must happen.

"If you want to be any good," Nelson said before practice, "you've got to have good chemistry. ... The coach can help when the players are willing."

"It's pretty bad around here," one player said.TODAY: at Knicks, 4:30 p.m.TV: CSNBA.Radio: 1050-AM

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