News » Los Angeles Clippers Getting Inside 2009-01-30

Los Angeles Clippers Getting Inside 2009-01-30

Los Angeles Clippers Getting Inside 2009-01-30
The Feb. 19 NBA trading deadline is near and with the Clippers struggling as they are, trade rumors, as expected, have been hovering over the team.

The most commonly mentioned names are Marcus Camby, Chris Kaman and Zach Randolph. There is a reason for that. It would seem inconceivable that the Clippers would have enough minutes to parcel out equitably to that trio, all of whom are worthy of playing starter-type minutes.

But Mike Dunleavy, who doubles as the Clippers' coach and general manager, maintains that it won't be a problem.

Dunleavy said through combinations of Camby and Kaman, Camby and Randolph, and Kaman and Randolph he can play each of those post players 32 minutes a game.

"I think I can do it," Dunleavy said.

That being said, Dunleavy stated emphatically that there are no plans to trade any of the aforementioned players, despite the churning of the rumor mill. The latest rumor has Randolph being traded to the Memphis Grizzlies.

"I heard that Memphis was trying to get me before I got traded to the Clippers," said Randolph, whom the Clippers acquired from the New York Knicks last Nov. 21.

That's not to say that after all three players are healthy again and Dunleavy has a chance to assess them that a future trade won't be forthcoming.

Dunleavy said that prior to Kaman getting injured that he and Camby played well together. When Randolph joined the Clippers and teamed up with Camby, Dunleavy said he liked that combination.

Dunleavy has not seen the Randolph-Kaman combo yet but envisioned it being similar to how Kaman played in tandem with former Clipper forward Elton Brand.

Randolph has significantly more shooting range than Brand, with the ability to venture out past the three-point arc and knock down shots.

Kaman won't be back until after next month's All-Star break and if Dunleavy stays true to his word about wanting to see how the trio plays when all three players are healthy, then the three post players are off limits to inquiring teams.

CHICAGO 95, CLIPPERS 75: The Clippers had one of their most anemic offensive performances of the season in losing for the third straight time. It was the Clippers' 17th loss in the past 19 games. Baron Davis' return to active play for the Clippers resulted in a major struggle. Davis was one of 10 from the field and finished with three points.

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