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NBA: Insider
1. L.A. Lakers (13-1)

Defense, depth improved

2. Boston (15-2)

Looks ready to defend title

3. Cleveland (13-3)

LeBron is the early MVP

4. Orlando (12-4)

Losing Pietrus will hurt

5. Phoenix (11-6)

Shooting 50% as a team

6. New Orleans (9-6)

Slow start, but better now

7. Utah (11-6)

Not bad considering injuries

8. Houston (10-6)

T-Mac's healthy a worry

9. Denver (10-6)

Billups is a good fit

10. San Antonio (8-6)

Manu back 2 weeks early

11. Portland (11-6)

Oden averaging 20 minutes

12. Detroit (10-5)

A.I. skips holiday practice

13. Atlanta (9-6)

Trying to keep up with Magic

14. Dallas (7-8)

Nowitzki needs more help

15. New Jersey (7-7)

Huge comeback vs. Raptors

16. Toronto (8-7)

Bosh is No. 2 in scoring

17. Miami (8-8)

Nine of next 12 on road

18. Philadelphia (7-9)

A big disappointment so far

19. Chicago (7-9)

Jazz couldn't handle Rose

20. New York (7-8)

Opponents shooting 48.7%

21. Indiana (6-9)

Granger? An All-Star start

22. Milwaukee (7-11)

Bucks miss Michael Redd

23. Golden State (5-11)

Jackson: 3-year extension

24. Sacramento (5-13)

Hurt by injuries, schedule

25. Charlotte (5-10)

30th in scoring: 87 ppg

26. Minnesota (4-10)

Still lacks outside shooting

27. Memphis (4-12)

Fading after a decent start

28. L.A. Clippers (2-13)

Will Zach Randolph help?

29. Washington (2-11)

Arenas is hurt, but still . . .

30. Oklahoma City (1-16)

P.J. didn't last a month

* THAT'S SICK: Against Toronto, New Jersey point guard Devin Harris left the game, threw up, returned and scored 23 points in the final 17 minutes. "I may try it," said teammate Vince Carter.

* AIR FARCE: In the wake of a Sports Illustrated story criticizing his leadership skills, and with Charlotte struggling, team part-owner Michael Jordan is in Dubai for the opening of a new resort.

* MONKEY BUSINESS: Just before a Suns game at Portland, Shaquille O'Neal told Joel Przybilla he loved his nickname, "Vanilla Gorilla." Said Pryzbilla: "He told me I should trademark it."


Today, 6 p.m., TV: Altitude

* The Rockets have been better on the road this season than they have been at home. Strange. In this game, Ron Artest will likely get the first chance to slow down the Nuggets' Carmelo Anthony.


Monday, 5:30 p.m., NBA -TV

* These are two of the East's top teams. The Celtics count on Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. The Magic counter with Dwight Howard inside and a squadron of three-point shooters.


Wednesday, 6 p.m., NBA -TV

* This game is overloaded with intriguing individual matchups: Steve Nash vs. Chris Paul, Shaquille O'Neal against shot-blocker Tyson Chandler, and Amare Stoudemire vs. David West.

Manu Ginobili

San Antonio

(on the rise)

* In his first two games after returning from ankle surgery, Ginobili averaged 13.5 points, 3.5 rebounds and 2.5 assists. "I didn't think I would be doing this good so early, so I'm happy in that regard."

Chris Kaman

L.A. Clippers

* Suffering from a strained arch, Kaman has been placed on the limited-minutes list by the team's medical staff. "If you notice," said assistant coach Kim Hughes, "he can't jump anymore."

Nicolas Batum


* A rookie from France, Batum finished with 16 points and six rebounds in a lopsided 106-68 win over Miami. Defensively, he limited All-Star Dwyane Wade to 12 points on 5-for-14 shooting.

"We have rules, It's pretty simple. We have rules and you follow them."

- Detroit coach Michael Curry, discussing newly-acquired Allen Iverson's decision to skip an hour-long practice on Thanksgiving morning.

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