News » Under the Bleachers: The year's biggest flops

Under the Bleachers: The year's biggest flops

Under the Bleachers: The year's biggest flops
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The Year's Biggest Flops

No, we're not talking about Shaq. In fact, the big man has been the one bright spot in an otherwise horrible season for the Suns. Other busts? A.I. in Detroit, Baron Davis in L.A. and Ron Artest in Houston. As Kobe knows, Artest can talk a big game, but that's about it.

Blazing a Trail to the Playoffs

With loads of potential and inexperience, the Blazers are a mystery in an enigma wrapped in something else really confusing. They will likely get back into the playoffs, and Brandon Roy is the truth, but unless Greg Oden stays healthy, the Portland puzzle won't be solved until next year.

Surprise, Surprise: the Season's Biggest Shockers

Who would've figured the injury-plagued D-Wade would be a dominant force? Or that Joe Dumars would be dumb enough to pick up A.I.? Or the Knicks smart enough to finally dump Starbury? The NBA is like a box of chocolates -- you never know who to trade. Or something.

The Hawks Swoop Down the Stretch

The Hawks can't sneak up on their prey anymore. This time, the other guy's going to see it coming. But who will the other guy be? Atlanta has done well against D-Wade and the Heat, but against Orlando? Dwight Howard could prove to be Black Magic.

The East's Elite Eight

Cleveland and Boston are definitely at the top of the heap, but the other six are nipping at their heels. With X-factors like D-Wade, Dwight Howard and the hard-hitting Hawks, Bron-Bron and K.G. and Co. will have more than the Lakers to worry about.

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